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Why Your Fitness Tracker Isnt Making You ThinnerYet – Daily Beast

Daily Beast Why Your Fitness Tracker Isn’t Making You Thinner Yet Daily Beast If you were gifted a fitness tracker this year, we bet you had grand ambitions of using it to finally get fit. You swore you’d take 10,000 steps a day, log miles, track calories, count your zzz’s and maybe even monitor your heart rate.

Make 2015 the Year You Exercise Together (fitsugar)

Fitness may be a priority for you, but your husband, boyfriend, or partner might be another story. If you wish your better half’s daily routine included more exercise, whether it’s to relieve stress, drop a few pounds, or spend more time together, it’s safe to say that nagging, bribing, and insulting are surefire ways to get your partner to shun sweating it out. If your goal for the New Year is to get your special someone involved in your healthy lifestyle choices, then it’s time to employ a tactic that will actually get your SO pumped up. Check out these fresh ideas that will get you running, lifting, or cycling side by side.

* **Work the money angle:** Mention that the gym you want to go to offers huge deals if you join with a friend. Who doesn’t jump at the opportunity to save a little moolah?

* **Speak the language:** If saving dough isn’t exciting enough, lure your significant other with talk about air-conditioning, deals on massages, and huge TVs to watch sports and/or The Food Network.

* **Make it about the dog:** If you have a four-legged …

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